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Here we are again, here we go again

I must say I am proud of myself. I have probably started about five blogs in my life and never stuck to one until now. My first post was during finals week last term. It’s not quite finals, but I have two papers due that are threatening my happiness. I care not to dwell on those negative thoughts and I promised you unknown all to write about love. After all it is all we talk about it seems. My dear friend A is London for a year studying and when we talk it is all about the boy whom she is involved with. A is thousands of miles away, in a different country and culture, with new friends, experiencing new things, but the bottom line is love and lust are the most interesting topics. As someone who has been in a relationship for a long time I tend to be the go-to gal for advice. Experience has given me wisdom, time has given me perspective, and Mr. Whole has given me insight into the male mind. But when I think back, I never went to girlfriends for advice. I never cried on a friend’s shoulder when he hurt my feeli...
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