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Ideas – Idea Generation Assistant for iPhone Stimulates New Ideas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ideas – Idea generation assistant helps iPhone users think of new ideas by automatically building a personalized idea map, allowing them to see how their ideas relate to each other. The idea map is a visual thinking aid, useful for finding unexplored angles and stimulating new ideas. Since ideas are fleeting, the app makes idea input effortless for the user, while it processes content in the background and keeps ideas organized – automatically. The building blocks of the idea map are automatically managed tags, which describe the user’s ideas and give them context. Through clever use of color and on-screen position the idea map suggests both hierarchy and relationships between tags. In addition to being a thinking aid, the idea map provides an intuitive way of navigating ideas. A major focus of the app is convenient idea entry. While the user types or speaks the content of his idea, the app processes each word and attempts to automatically tag the idea, while providing visual clues for t...
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