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It’s An NDA Love Story (Part IV)

All day i kept finding time and guts to make the call. Finally, got the phone free as well. Trust me; the nervousness was more than my first jump from the ten meter board! Trin… trin…… (%$#@&*)…… Trin…. trin….. “Hi! Busy are you?”. “Took so long, to take the call.” “Avijit!!!!”. Khyati screamed. “Where on earth have you been?? and no no not busy. Unknown, outside Delhi number so i wondered…..ANYWAY… How are you? Finally got time to call eh? Didn’t even tell me before leaving, you jackass!” {{Yea sure! you stood me up.. switched off your phone and acted like a psycho and I get to be the jackass}} Well of course this was just me speaking to myself. All I could manage to say really was, “hmm…. ya… got busy..”. “You tell me how are things at your end?” I have no idea in which inauspicious hour I asked this question and BAM the dam of stories broke…. from ragging, to screwed attendance, to the  masala coke of D-school, the hot deb-soc guy and God knows what all! On the other end of the line Khyati was panicking an...
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