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JAM Language w/ Lux HQ launch 1st Arabic iPhone and iPad app

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – JAM Language Ltd. today launches Arabic Fruit & Veg Flashcards 1.0, their first Arabic iPhone and iPad application. They collaborated with Lux HQ Ltd. whose headquartered in London, UK, to create the iPhone and iPad application, which includes both audio and colourful visuals. This is a follow-up to their initial collaboration and launch of 99.spanish.verbs and 99.madarin.verbs earlier this summer. “We have been working diligently to create fresh new content specifically for the iTunes App Store which caters to iPhone and iPad users. Arabic language learning content is highly sought after yet it is undersupplied and often overlooked. We are here to bridge that gap” said Maria A. Petit, Co-Founder of JAM Language Ltd. The Arabic Fruit & Vegetable Flashcard application includes both Audio and bright colourful visuals, a change in the initial format and a first for the collaboration between JAM Language Ltd and Lux HQ Ltd. Additionally, JAM Language Ltd. and Lux HQ Ltd. are already ...
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