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Licking Letters For iOS – Top Spelling Game For Kids Is Free April 19

Chicago, Illinois – In a special, limted-time promotion, Tenlin Studios is offering Licking Letters as a free download starting April 19th to celebrate their one-year anniversary. They have teamed up with Daily App Dream to jump start this promotion. Licking Letters challenges kids ages 2 to 8 to spell words by having Hoppy the Frog catch the correct letters using his super fast, long-range tongue. Letters float across the point where Hoppy rests on a lily pad. Players touch the screen, causing Hoppy to dart his tongue and lick the letters until the required word is spelled. Leapin’ Loot coins are earned after each word is correctly spelled and more coins can be earned by playing four different Mini-Games between spelling rounds. The game may be paused at any time and players may redeem their coins to dress Hoppy up in a wide variety of clothing & accessories. This incentive keeps kids motivated to spell, earning coins so that they can obtain more clothing for Hoppy the Frog. Licking Letters is much more than...
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