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Microsoft adds Gesture and Voice Control to the XBox 360

Xbox 360 is transforming how you enjoy TV entertainment and is giving you the power to control it with your voice. The next generation of TV entertainment begins with the announcement by Microsoft of the launch of an all-new Xbox 360 experience including the first group of new, custom applications from world leading TV and entertainment content providers on Xbox LIVE. A look at the rapid growth of television content, from the birth of television to current day. The infographic also depicts the evolution of how we find content on TV, from the first remote control in 1960 to finding content on Xbox 360 using voice recognition powered by Kinect and Bing. How long does it take you to search and find your favorite movie or TV show? Do you find yourself searching hundreds of channels and multiple services and TV inputs? What if the entertainment you craved was simple, discoverable and exactly what you wanted at that particular moment? Now, finding your favorite entertainment is easier than ever. Last year, Kinect f...
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