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Mobile Game developer? Adapt your game to the Xappr gun for smartphones

Granot Industrial Area, Israel – MetalCompass is pleased to announce today a SDK for adapting shooting and augmented reality games for the Xappr gun for smartphones. The Xappr gun was revealed last month at the Nuremberg international toy fair and was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Xappr gun allows smartphones owners to connect their smartphone to the Xappr and play various games. The Xappr is adapted for all common smartphone models and supports all mobile operating systems. The Xappr already supports more than 10 games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Xappr is available for pre-order and will be available in retail stores this summer. Game developers that want to create games for the Xappr or adapt existing games are invited to join the MetalCompass partnership program. The MetalCompass partnership program offers game creators innovative methods for user acquisition and monetization. “We’re very happy to cooperate with gaming studios and independent developers from all over ...
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