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New app for texting acronyms

Brisbane, Australia – yktyk introduces yktyk 1.0 (pronounced yacketyak), a new iPhone app that’s lots of fun for people who are into acronyms and abbreviations or not. And I say that because this new app has so many fun acronyms like wombat – waste of brains, money and time; or hiooc – help, I’m out of coffee; and even bisflatm – boy, I sure feel like a turquoise monkey. In fact there are so many fun acronyms in this new app (over 1800 in all) that you will find yourself wanting to memorise your favourites just to be able to drop them into conversation at that perfect moment! Of course the real plus is the ability to text your friends clever acronyms that they can then translate at their end if they have yktyk as well. You can even share your yktyk messages on Facebook and Twitter – so that’s a real bonus. yktyk is a very simple app that’s easy to use. I can see this one being very popular with the younger generation as well as grown-ups who enjoy having fun with the English language. Built into the app is a ...
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