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New Desinformado PDF based Newsletter launched

Santiago, Dominican Republic - Desinformado is proud to announce their Desinformado Technology and Lifestyle Newsletter, a pdf based newsletter about technology, gadgets, mobile phones and mac related news that will be downloadable every month from Desinformado and other technology blogs. The Desinformado Technology and Lifestyle Newsletter is a hobbyist publication aimed a young and not so young technology fans. The newsletter will serve as a new way to reach a broader audience providing fresh information, tips and tricks, iphone tutorials, applications and services reviews. The Newsletter will feature articles from technology experts, bloggers and reviews with a keen sense of details. It is an extension of our blogs and it is free to everybody that can help writing, just send us your blog post. At the same time Desinformado Technology and Lifestyle Newsletter will be an affordable way to promote your products and services, reaching an even broader audience. Desinformado Direct Download Link Screenshot Desin...
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