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New Kickstarter Project Tribble Sports by Vortex Games, Inc.

Irvine, California – Vortex Games, Inc. has started their first Kickstarter project for their newest iOS title Tribble Sports. They are looking for your help to fund the quick release of the game by Comic-Con in July. They have promised to have the game at a booth for your enjoyment at whatever stage it is in, so be sure to stop by if you are at Comic-Con. Right now though they need your help. They are seeking to hire a programmer full-time so that he can complete the project in a decent amount of time instead of working on it slowly. They have taken the game to many conventions now and everyone who lays their hands on it says only great things, and some will barely give it back. Tribble Sports is an entertaining game that has randomized levels so you’ll never play the same level twice unless you want to. The game will start with two mini-sports: Golf and Bowling. Tribble Golf will be controlled similar to most modern day physics launchers and you’ll have your choice of specialized Tribbles to get the lowest ...
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