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Now Contact to Address Book Converter has new home on the web

Langley, Washington – Users of the once-popular Now Contact contact manager for Mac were left in the lurch when the publisher, Now Software, failed to produce a successor version for OS X. The safest path for rescuing their contact information was to export it to Apple’s Address Book, but the available solutions didn’t preserve important information like custom fields and notes attached to a contact. For the last six years, Rob Lewis has offered a converter that preserves most of this information when moving contacts to Address Book. The program is written in AppleScript and runs on any pre-Lion Mac with any version of Now Contact. Since the Lion OS discontinued support for PowerPC programs like Now Contact, the converter can’t be used with it. Says Lewis, “People are happy to find out that they can move their contacts into Address Book without losing important information. Even if they want to use some other contact manager, virtually any Mac contact manager can import from Address Book, so they’re all set. ...
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