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Pocket God Comics Issue No. 15 Gem Cell Research Now on App Store

San Francisco, California – Ape Entertainment and Bolt Creative announced today that Pocket God Comics issue No. 15 is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In “Gem Cell Research,” part one of four of the new story arc, both tribes finally make it back to the girls’ island. However, the pink elephant in the room remains… just how long the boys will stay there is a matter of contention. Some wouldn’t mind if they stayed and some would like to see them go already. And with the girls’ gem broken to pieces, would they be safer if the guys stayed or left? Oh, and Nooby makes a new friend. Well, we know how that usually goes. Based on Pocket God, one of the best-selling iPhone apps of all-time, the full-color digital comic book series is one of the most successful digital comics to-date. The comics are available on the App Store via iVerse Media, a digital distribution partner of Ape Entertainment. Don’t forget that the Pocket God Comic is updated frequently with all kinds of free extras i...
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