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Puggy the Monster – the Fun Bite Updated with More Entertaining Elements

Dover, Delaware – MegaCubic Entertainment, a mobile game development company, today is pleased to announce an update on its free iPhone game Puggy the Monster – the Fun Bite. In the new version of this kids-friendly game, Puggy the Monster will sing the songs on players’ iPod in a hilarious way. The game also becomes more interactive by offering players various ninja outfits to dress up Puggy. Blending the components of challenge and interaction, Puggy the Monster – the Fun Bite asks players to place their fingers in Puggy’s wide-opened mouth and react fast enough before the monster bites them hard unexpectedly. The game also includes a variety of interesting objects for players to play with. The new update adds more entertaining elements to the game. For example, players can select songs on their iPod for Puggy, and the naughty monster will interpret the songs in funny voices. Moreover, players can enjoy the fun of dressing up Puggy with different ninja outfits and own a distinctive virtual pet. Designed to ...
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