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contenido teenwaste: On November the 5th, 2006 in Cherokee county,...

teenwaste: On November the 5th, 2006 in Cherokee county, Georgia a horrific crime occurred. A single mom of 3 was in her kitchen cleaning up dishes and her youngest daughter was on the computer in the next room. Her daughter was building a Build A Bear she wanted online. She asked her mom to come and see. Her mother, named Sue White went to go and see her daughters creation. As she entered the room to see she heard glass shatter in the kitchen. She ran to see a masked man busting through her window and unlocking her door. After he got into the home he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. It was jammed. He beat her with the gun and brutally raped and stabbed Sue at least 25 times. Her seven-year-old daughter witnessed most of the crime. He then moved Sue into the bedroom and put her daughter in a closet. The closet however did not have a door. She left the closet and went into the bathroom. Once he realized she had moved, he went to see what she was doing. He was naked and covered in blood. He told th...
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