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contenido The Proxority Principle in Web Design

Advertise here with BSA In web design, the position of design elements and the layout of web pages is everything. So many cool, exciting techniques are available to help us lay out our designs (especially with CSS3 at our disposal) that we often forget that structure is as important as aesthetics. How do you determine where content should appear, and how can a well-oiled interface increase website readability? This is what we’ll aim to uncover in this article. We’re going to examine a basic technique that could help you improve your general content flow, and, for lack of a better term, I’m going to call that technique the proxority principle (a portmanteau word that combines "proximity" and "priority"). Communication through Design Designers already understand that the relationships between objects on a page matter. That’s why when we create a design, we think about visual hierarchy, visual weight, Gestalt psychology, the distinctiveness of important elements and other principles that affect relationships bet...
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