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theredhairing: WOMEN REVEALED AS HEROINES BY WRECK  The New York Times, Saturday, April 20th, 1912 “The whole thing,” said Mrs. Margaret Brown, “was so formal that it was difficult for any any one to realize that it was a tragedy. Men and women stood in little groups and talked. Some laughed as the first boats went over the side. All the time the band was playing. After a little while I helped put some women into a boat. I remember the last woman. She was French. She was very excited. I spoke to her in French and helped to put her into the boat. Somehow I did not seem to care about the thing of being saved. We thought that the ship was so big that she could not go down for a day at any rate. The passengers had been stepping from the deck into the boat in which I put the Frenchwoman. Then they swung 1t out over the water. I had then gone to an upper deck and was looking down at it and watching the picture. “I had noticed two men following me from place to place as I talked with the women here and there. These ...
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