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Timegg App’ Introductory Sale – Everything about Time

Seoul, Korea – Easy, Prompt, and Wonderful. Timegg, Intuituively designed and stylishly simple app, has launched in the iTunes App Store. You can easily control Timer ( Interval time), Alarm, D-Day, Reminder with a wheel controller. With Timegg everything is so fast. Tasteful sound effects and animations make it even fun!! Gorgeous interface, intuitive Jog Shuttle, perfect functionality and simple controls. Everything about Time. ‘Timegg’ has Arrived. Alarm: * Pre-set up to 8 alarms. Run the dial to the point you want: Quickly turn the alarm on! Swipe it with your finger – set alarm up on separate weekdays. Each of 7 weekdays has its own tunes – you can even play the tune! Timer: ( Interval Timer) Preset your favorite timer(s)!! Such as 8 min for egg, laundry, nap time, etc. Use Interval Timer as a exercise timer for interval training Select your favorite tunes: basic, singing bird, barking dog, whistles, etc ‘Follow the Team’ in setting menu and get special sounds. D-Day: * Do not miss important days – check...
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