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contenido Tired of the Same Old Routine?

  TIRED OF THE SAME OLD ROUTINE? DEPRESSED OF THE SAME ROUTINE? Life is sad sometimes, isn’t it? Shitty jobs(or internships in my case),  same old routine, get to your job in this scorching heat , the travel  , and they don’t even pay you well( and yes, they don’t pay you if you are an intern) . What for? Just a few certificates to make the career you are not even sure you want. You come back home, either you’re not in the position to go out, or maybe your friends are too busy. Sometimes, you don’t even want to catch up with people, u just don’t know what to do, so you end up spending endless hours on the internet, reading about what other people are doing, and then you think- is my life really that sad? Or are the other people faking the –“wow” moments, uploading every single photo that might look cool. But, believe me, it’s not at all the way it seems, yes you got to work, that is impending( unless of course you are Siddhartha Malaya, in that case you’d be busy banging the calendar models) As they say- WORK...
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