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Week Timer 2.0 for iOS – Simple time tracking with Tags and Notes

Gothenburg, Sweden – Week Timer v2.0 for simple time tracking and time sheet support is available from today as localized versions in Spanish, French and German. The Week Timer App simplifies the process of tracking your worked hours, overtime and keeping your timesheet up to date. In version 2.0 support for tags and notes has been added, to keep a more detailed record of daily activities if needed. The main use case of Week Timer is to simply check in when arriving at work, and to check out when leaving. During the day tags can be used to quickly switch between tasks if needed. At the end of the week, one or more week reports may be selected for emailing to the office. The week report includes worked hours, break time, tags, notes and overtime both in an attractive HTML based report aswell as a CSV based version for use in a spreadsheet. Key features include * Tags to easily categorize hours in reports * Tag Quick-Switching in 2 taps * Notes * Quickedit for smooth editing of your latest check in or check out...
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