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Windows 9 ya en desarrollo

Microsoft sigue progresando el siguiente sistema operativo después de Windows 8 al cual le han dado el nombre de Windows 9 según MSFTKitchen. Lo que dice MSFTKitchen “With Windows 8 in the bag and set to be released to consumers in October, all signs now point to the future version of Windows. Trivial as it may be, I decided to do some research to see if I could find references for the code name of the next version of Windows” “In the past, Microsoft was fond of using the names of cities and locales as code names for Windows, but things changed in Windows 7 (also code-named “Windows 7″) with a shift to a numerical code name”. “That carried through to Windows 8 (also code-named “Windows 8″), and now, it appears it will once again hold true for… (wait for it… wait for it)… Windows 9!“. “Yes, it appears the code name for the next version of Windows is, indeed, Windows 9. And my source for this indubitable goodness? Just a handful Microsoft employees, is all”. Copyright © 2008 This feed is for personal, non-comme...
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