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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawsuits

Many victims of personal injury in Atlanta have been successful in claiming compensation, bringing relief to themselves or their families. A very famous case involved a suit being filed for premises liability wherein the victim of sexual assault received a compensation of 9 million Dollars. In a landmark judgment of an accident case victim, a construction worker?s family was awarded $5,200,000. A tractor-trailer collided with the construction worker?s truck in an emergency lane along the highway, killing him. In a product liability case, where the plaintiff?s husband was trapped inside a machine manufactured by the defendant, the plaintiff was awarded $7.6 million on the grounds that the machinery was defective. The collision between two Norfolk Southern trains in Sugar Valley, Georgia, caused the death of one Mr. Forrister. The railroad authorities were ordered to pay a compensation of $1.9 million to the family of the victim. In the trucking case of Lawler v. Cresco Lines and Georgia Pipe, a jury awarded ov...
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