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Bodies that look back with serenity

"Turning back, rewind, deconstruct, go backwards, invert, look from the other side.Bodies are the fundamental part of this work where physicality and poetic images are joined together into the stage. There is a clean and elegant stage that introduces us to a hypnotic world, in a changing universe because of the lighting. This light limits and enlarges the dance floor. Six interpreters who transform the place with their energy, they make it alter and calm. Back comes from a fragmented body, which hobbles and links until reaching the fluency of the wave of the dancers. Back is a regression to the body, to the simplicity, the purity of the movement into the stage."(Back, from The Company Dossier) "Puddle" by M.C. Escher (1952) On the occasion of its recent participation in the Dance Week 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria, with its great spectacle Back, we’d like to talk about the Spanish Dance Company OtraDanza and about Asun Noales, the dancer and choreographer who created and lead it with passion from 2000. This Interna...
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