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Foods that improve sex life of women

Foods that improve sex life of women A few days ago we announced the names of some foods that improve man's sexual life , optimizing blood circulation, boosting testosterone production and reducing stress . That is, creating the prefect environment for a pleasant evening. Now it's time for women. According to studies there are ingredients and products that may increase women's sexual desire. These are known as aphrodisiacs and have, for example, significant levels of "phenylethylamine, a compound that raises serotonin and endorphins in the brain," explained the research . "The important thing is to be healthy and good nutrition is essential to ensure a perfect sexual health and optimal fitness. Aphrodisiacs can increase desire, sensation and even excitement, "said Alex Garcia specialist. What are they? Research in Canada noted that ginseng , a plant whose root is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, has sustained effects in stimulating sexual drive and performance. Subsequent studies i...
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