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Halloween Scare 1.1 for iOS – Monsters Invade Web Browser in Scary Prank

Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russian Federation – The Alice Dev Team today is pleased to announce Halloween Scare 1.1 for iOS, their new Entertainment app that allows any fun-loving prankster to use their iOS device to give a friend or co-worker a moment of terror. The app can be set on a timer to interrupt any web page with a loud shriek and a fullscreen close-up of a truly frightening demon, monster, ghoul, or zombie. The user simply hands their iPhone to a friend to share a web site, and looks on innocently until the monster appears without warning. The default web site is the Google search page, but users can substitute any page on the web. With more advanced technology comes more sophisticated practical jokes, and Halloween Scare is certain to claim thousands of unsuspecting victims. In the completely harmless act of handing a friend an iPhone or iPad, the trap is set. The recipient has clear expectations about what they are going to view, and by springing the joke automatically, when they are least prepared, t...
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