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iPhone 4S Camera Boosts the Potential of Travelogue App

Cambridge, United Kingdom – My Vacation by Jasper Apps has been recently featured in the App Store as a must-have app for planning your holiday. The app allows travellers to plan their trip in advance, capture experiences as they are happening and create instant photo albums that can be shared with family and friends. The latest update allows users to quickly post photos and journals to their Tumblr blogs, adding to the existing Blogger and WordPress publishing features. With full iOS 5 compatibility the app benefits from the improved camera in the iPhone 4S, and the new Siri assistant can help vocally narrate the daily travel journals. Other features in the app include the ability to link photos or videos to a location and attach audio commentary or written notes, direct links to useful websites relevant to the location (local weather forecasts or tourist information, for example), and the ability to create virtual postcards. The created travelogues can be interactively played back in the app or shared via v...
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