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Mobilewalla Analytics launches for App Owners and Developers

Chappaqua, New York – Mobilewalla, the app industry’s first “big data” and “deep analytics” solution, which tracks all available information about apps as well as data extracted from social media sites for consumers, has launched a data analytics service for app developers, app owners and advertisers. Mobilewalla Analytics, which debuted today at Demo Asia 2012, will for the first time provide deep insights in an app’s performance across categories and geographies. Users may view the performance on an app on its own, or with respect to other related apps. Mobilewalla Analytics provides insights into two major categories of information: public data, and a developer’s private sales data. Through its public interface, subscribers to the data will be able to view all non-transactional data regarding all apps, including app details, daily and grossing ranks, reviews, special list appearances and social media mentions. All reported data may be sorted by category, geography and dates. At a private level. Mobilewalla...
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