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Move over, Egypt, Iraq and Syria

By Aaron David Miller, a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars who served as a Middle East negotiator in Republican and Democratic administrations. He is the author of the forthcoming Can America Have Another Great President? (LOS ANGELES TIMES, 01/03/12): For the better part of the last century, three Arab states — Egypt, Iraq and Syria — dominated Middle East politics in matters of war and peacemaking and shaped the region’s relations with the great powers. The kings of Jordan and Morocco — and, of course, Saudi Arabia (and the Persian Gulf states) when it came to oil — had their say too. But it was the three pseudo-republics, authoritarian military regimes really, that threw their collective weight around. Not anymore. The changes sweeping the Arab world have injected new life and meaning into its politics. But that has also fundamentally undermined the capacity of the key Arab states to act decisively and coherently on the regional stage. It’s the new world of the n...
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