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New iBook: Buffalo Airways – Diamonds, DC-3s and Buffalo Joe McBryan

Calgary, Canada – In the wake of world-wide attention generated by the Omni Film Productions creation, ICE PILOTS NWT(C), Alberta Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a new publication, “Buffalo Airways – Diamonds, DC-3s and ‘Buffalo Joe’ McBryan” by critically-acclaimed aviation author and military historian, Darrell Knight. In this rollicking, no-holds-barred account of flying at its best, the author provides a personal account of the long road to becoming a commercial pilot in Canada’s north. Detailed in the text is an eye-witness account of a long list of difficulties experienced by young, newly-endorsed flyers who go north to break into the airline business, the extreme and unforgiving nature of operating vintage World War II-era aircraft in Canada’s Arctic, and the day-to-day difficulties attendant with working for Buffalo Airways under the watchful eye of legendary northern aviator and President of Buffalo Airways, the enigmatic ‘Buffalo Joe’ McBryan. Included is a brief history of the foun...
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