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contenido otlgaming: 9 NEW ANIMAL POWER-UPS MARIO SHOULD HAVE Over at...

otlgaming: 9 NEW ANIMAL POWER-UPS MARIO SHOULD HAVE Over at Topless Robot they have compiled an incredible list of new animal power-ups for Mario to use in future games.  Not only did they come up with some interesting powers but they have great digital illustrations to compliment the list: 1.  Horse Mario - Powered by a sugar cube, Mario can run faster, jump higher and stomp on enemies with ease however he will smell like a horse. 2.  Elephant Mario - Snag a peanut and grant Mario with the ability of elephants.  Should you die from falling in a pit Mario would “remember” to bypass the accident and be allowed to pass the area with the cost of losing the power-up. 3.  Chameleon Mario - Eat some insects and turn Mario into a double jumping lizard king.  Having the additional ability to camouflage yourself into the background isn’t half bad either. 4.  Bigfoot Mario - Have Mario butt stomp some mysterious looking bushes and he reappears as the mythical creature powerful enough to rip up anything in the level not...
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