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Procreate 1.5 Released for iPad – The Most Advanced Digital Sketchbook

Hobart, Australia – Savage Interactive has released the incredible Procreate 1.5 update. Version 1.5 ensures Procreate stays ahead of the competition with over 100 features. The new HD canvas is bigger than a Bluray movie, and captures an incredible amount of detail and achieves quality like never before on a mobile device. And, of course, artists will still be able to create 16 layers and access 100 redo/undo states! A first in its class. New features in Procreate 1.5 * High Defintion Canvas (iPad 2 only) * Export Layered Photoshop files * GPU accelerated blend modes - Multiply - Add - Screen - Lighten - Exclusion * Export PNG files with transparency * Locks alpha pixels (Can be used as mask) * Colour favourites swatch * Comparison colours * Zoom down to 50% * Pull canvas edges into centre of screen * Fit to screen quick gesture * Actual 1:1 pixel quick gesture * Tap & hold tools for brush menu * Automatically switch to Paint when choosing a colour. * Live preview for brush size & opacity is now accurate (re...
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