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The Mindfulness App

Stockholm, Sweden – The application is perfectly suited for people who has never tried Mindfulness before as well as for the more experienced practitioner. Guided exercises in English, reminders and statistics showing personal development over time makes this the ultimate Mindfulness tool. Thanks to the mobile platform it’s possible to do Mindfulness exercises anytime, anywhere. For example, on the buss, in the train, while waiting in line or when you just feel like finding balance and restoring energy. With the app: * You can easily choose the type of meditation that suits you in the moment – for example if you have some time in the subway, on the bus, in a queue or if you just want to sit for a while * By setting reminders at times, days and places of your choice you can get a message when it’s time to meditate * You can be guided by a voice or just meditate in silence with bells ringing at different times * You can also design your own meditation for as long as you want it to last. * Completed meditations ...
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