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Top Camera – Maserati of camera apps for the iPhone – on sale now

Lodz, Poland – Top Camera has an excellent HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature, Video recording in HD, an artistic Slow Shutter Mode with Light Trail effects, and the use of Folders for file management make it unique among camera apps. Additional features include: 4 Picture Quality settings, Burst Mode, 4 Camera Timer settings, Virtual Horizon, Exposure Box, Focus Box, Geotagging, picture alignment Grid, White Balance, Stabilizer, and Digital Zoom. Top Camera also supports operation in both portrait and landscape orientations, includes iTunes File Sharing, and saves images to its internal Gallery, the iOS Photo Library, or both. Top Camera incorporates a highly sophisticated, user-selectable focus zone feature, as well as user-selectable exposure zone. This means that iPhone photographers can optimize focus for any part of the photo, and set the exposure by locating that zone that produces the best results. Users just drag the purple box on the screen to the area they would like to have in the sharpest focus. Th...
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