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Roads of Rome 3 – A new game in a hit series is coming out on Mac

Klaipeda, Lithuania – A long awaited sequel in Realore’s casual strategy hit series, Roads of Rome 3, is finally available for download on the Apple Mac Store. This time the game is bigger in scale, boasts better graphics, improved gameplay mechanics and of course a new story about a noble Roman general Victorius. Barbarians are at the gates of the mighty Roman Empire! They burn villages, rob peasants and common townsfolk. Someone has to put an end to these attacks and restore peace in once thriving lands of Rome. So again Victorius has to leave his beloved wife, even though she is pregnant with his first child, and rebuild the roads destroyed by the barbarians, so the Roman armies could hurl out the invaders from the North. Viking warlords have no mercy and they set on fire everything that is built by the Romans. The mission of the player as Victorius is to fight the flames, rebuild the infrastructure and towns demolished by the invaders, go to the far corners of the Empire through snowstorms and sands of th...
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