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Save the World from Cheeky Monsters in Mooniz, an Action Puzzle Game

Ramat-Gan, Israel – Adrenaline Monki Game studio is pleased to announce today the release and worldwide availability of Mooniz, a family friendly, color matching action-puzzle game. With simple rules and intuitive controls Mooniz is easy to learn but hard to master. Varying degrees of difficulty and dynamic game play that includes bonuses and power-ups make this a fun game for casual players and hardcore gamers alike. The player’s mission is to save the world from cute but cheeky creatures invading from the moon. To complete it, they can simply tap on groups of three or more same-colored Mooniz to make them explode and disappear in a display of dazzling colors. To help players in their quest to repel these mysterious invaders, they’ll find various power-ups available including point multipliers, first aid kits, nukes, and more. With an endless number of levels in Classic and Rush modes, Mooniz is challenging enough to keep gamers engaged for many hours. Uplifting and encouraging, the original musical score ac...
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