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Science and History Apps for iPhone/iPad

Commack, New York – Earth Science Regents Buddy. This app has Earth Science lessons by topic, review presentations by topic, Regents question banks by topic and a regents fun quiz on all topics. The topics covered are: A major understandings, skills, and real-world applications drawn from the following 8 subject areas: 1. Size, Shape, and Composition of Earth 2. Mapping 3. Rocks and Minerals 4. Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and Landforms 5. Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics 6. Earth History 7. Meteorology and Climate 8. Astronomy Chem regents Buddy Description: Who- Anyone who is studying chemistry and would like to prep them selves for exams, lessons, tests, quizzes, homework and even projects. What- This App is for helping students study and prepare themselves for Chemistry exams, tests, state tests (regents) and anything else that relates to chemistry class. This App has Fun Quizzes, Study guides, Real NYS regents exams with the answer keys and study tips on all of these topics: * Math Fundamentals * Atom...
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