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SEAL Fitness Challenge for iOS: Exercise Program Based on SEAL Training

Asbury Park, New Jersey – JGo Labs today is pleased to introduce SEAL Fitness Challenge 1.0 for iOS, their new Health & Fitness app incorporating a proprietary game engine, which provides a different workout at every session in an exercise program based on Navy SEAL training. Featuring virtual SEAL instructors, users are cajoled and encouraged as they progress through Indoctrination, Evolution Training, and the final Qualification Challenge. The app does not require any special exercise equipment, and it includes a wide variety of bodyweight exercises, plus running, swimming, and the ability to create user-defined exercises. SEAL Fitness Challenge (SFC) is based on the physical fitness training approaches and requirements faced by U.S. Navy SEAL Candidates going through SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD/S) training. SFC is an imaginative, intense, demanding, and dynamic fitness trainer, which helps those interested in challenging themselves to get into the best physical shape possible. For those starting ...
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