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Sheet Music Reader for iPad Charms Musicians around the World

Montreal, Canada – D-MagiK announced the release of its much anticipated sheet music reader, SheetRack. Successor to SheetRack Lite, the lite version that had several tens of thousands of downloads, SheetRack is one of the fastest sheet music readers out there. With original and useful features such as blowing to turn pages, music page previews, metronome, high speed page turning, and an ever growing library of sheets available for free, SheetRack is ramping up to become the iPad Musician’s favorite companion. SheetRack was designed for the iPad and iPhone with speed and user-friendliness at heart. It will give you a unique sheet-music reading and score-on-the-go experience. Its light interface is the only among competitor apps that strikes the right balance between simplicity and power, with absolutely no compromise on speed and performance. Unlike most other music reading apps, SheetRack allows you to download as many sheets from the database as you want, and import as many of your own sheets, all for free....
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