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contenido Six people under arrest and seven injured in the second day of protest of Valencian students against educational cuts

Text and photos: Pablo Garrigós / Translation María José Domínguez Valencia. Act. 18 Feb.- What started as a non-violent protest of students of Lluís Vives High School in València( Spain) against educational cuts and non-payments of the Municipal Public Education Departments (Consell en la Educación Pública) is becoming a big deal for the new municipal government representative, Paula Sánchez de León. Six people are under arrest, one of them a 20-years-old female student who had to be hospitalized of head wound. This is in addition to the ten arrested yesterday. At this moment, a hundred people are gathered in front of the Court House waiting in support of the students cause and expecting them to be released. The gathering of the supporters was initiated through social network, as it was done the previous days, to ask for the release of the students arrested at the High school entrance. At least five hundred people meet on Xàtiva and Marqués de Sotelo streets holding slogans like “Freedom for the arrested”, “...
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