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Skrillex, Mashable, Maxim Propel Nyan Cat Adventure Downloads

New York, New York – Nyan Cat Adventure, the iOS and Xbox Indies game featuring internet phenomena Nyan Cat, developed by 21st Street Games, has gained attention from tech website Mashable, lifestyle magazine Maxim and world-class electronic music artist Skrillex. Skrillex, iconic electronic music artist who uses Nyan Cat in his live shows, tweeted his score on the popular website on Friday afternoon. “I HAVE NYANED FOR 806.6 SECONDS!” Skrillex tweeted. The website counts how long users can listen to and watch Nyan characters, many of which featured in Nyan Cat Adventure on iOS and Xbox Live Indie Games. “Challenging, addictive, and a perfect conversation starter,” wrote Mashable’s Brian Anthony Hernandez, quoting an iTunes user review. “Nyan Cat Adventure is the most adventurey cat adventure you’ll have. Happy Fun!” wrote Maxim’s John Sciarrino. Nyan Cat Adventure is a nonstop side-scrolling platformer in which players guide Nyan Cat and friends along a rainbow filled path filled with a var...
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