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Slakinov Games Launches Space Rubbish for Mac App Store

London, United Kingdom – Slakinov Games, a brand new indie games outfit with retro sensibilities which carries the motto If You’re Gonna Slack Off, Do It Properly, is pleased to announce that the neo-retro physics based smash-em-up Space Rubbish 1.0 has been approved for the Mac App Store and is now available to buy for $3.99 (USD). Space Rubbish is a highly polished remix of the classic Asteroids arcade game with a modern twist of realistic physics and glowing neon pixellated vector graphics. Players begin with a modest spacecraft to begin thrusting around and blasting apart floating space debris. Valuable junk from the debris can be collected and sold in roaming drone stations, where every aspect of the player’s ship can be upgraded and tweaked. Intelligent enemy competitors and alien lifeforms also roam the area trying to achieve the same thing, fortunately the upgraded weapons available will quickly turn them to dust. The game includes specially created ambient music and sound effects by UK electro artist...
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