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Some examples of Spanish words common in Venezuela, including some native Venezuelanisms (slang)

Achanta’o/Achantá = adj. A person of slow thought or slow reasoning. Someone passive, or lacking seduction skills. Amapuche = n. A passionate demonstration of affection. A warm hug. Amuñuñar = v. To tightly yet disorderly put things together. Agarrado(a) = adj. Selfish. See Pichirre. Alborotado = adj. To be excited or revolted. Arepa = n. Armpit sweat marks. In Baseball it can also mean a score of zero. Lit. Venezuelan corn bread bun. Arrapado = adj. Excited (profane). Arrecharse = v. To get angry (profane). Arrecho = adj. Superlative attribute for an object or situation, namely extremely good, bad or difficult (profane). Arrecochinar = v. To gather people disorderly in a small space. Arrocear = v. To turn up at a party without being invited. Arrocero = n. Party crasher. Bachaco = n. A blond or redhead mulatto. Lit. Leafcutter ant. Bajarse de la mula = exp. To pay for something. To be demanded for money. To be robbed. Lit. “To get off the mule”. Bala fría = n. Junk food. A quick snack. Lit. “Cold bullet”. Bal...
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