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SongFreaks LyricStream Revolutionizes iPhone and Android Music Players

Toronto, Canada – SongFreaks is proud to announce the release of the SongFreaks music player for iPhone and Android devices. The SongFreaks player brings millions of accurate lyrics to users’ music libraries on iPhone and Android devices. With its innovative LyricStream technology, the SongFreaks player can highlight lyric lines in time with the music, making it fun to read or sing along. For songs without LyricStream information, the player includes an easy and fun way to add it on the fly. In addition to lyrics and LyricStream, the SongFreaks player includes a wealth of information, such as artist biographies, pictures, album and track listings, and a powerful search feature. Users can keep track of their favorite lyrics, and view them at any time, even without Internet access. “We set out to make a music player we would want to use ourselves”, explains Alex Curelea, SongFreaks founder. “Lyrics are a fundamental part of how we enjoy music, and we all have the guilty pleasure of singing along to our favorite...
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