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Sticker Shock app shows impact of rising food and gas prices

Spencerport, New York – Announcing that Asar Corporation, the developer of Sticker Shock, has released the latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. When users enter the prices of products they buy, Sticker Shock 1.2 automatically tracks and graphs price changes, over time, to give them a more accurate depiction of how inflation impacts them, personally. Rising grocery bills are a fact of life. Since rising prices are not advertised, and in fact are often intentionally hidden through package size reductions, it is difficult to determine exactly where these costs are coming from. With Sticker Shock users will gain awareness of exactly which prices are rising, how often, and by how much. By paying close attention to rising prices, users may be able to minimize their impact by purchasing less, switching brands, or finding other alternatives. New for this update is enhanced social media integration. Users can now snap photos of gas price signs, price tags, or even the latest example of the ever-shrinki...
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