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TappyTaps Releases Geotag Photos 2.8 – Adds GPS Info to Any Camera

Prague, Czech Republic – TappyTaps today is pleased to announce its new version of ‘Geotag Photos Pro 2.8′ – an iPhone and Android application for easy and automatic geotagging (adding location information) of photographs taken by any (DSLR or compact) camera. The new version was created by focusing on less battery power consumption, so with this version it is possible to record locations for more than a day. ‘Geotag Photos Pro 2.8′ provides many new functions, like notifications when the GPS signal is lost or when the timezone is changed. TappyTaps have also developed a new version of its desktop application, which allows geotagging of photographs completely off-line. Geotagging of photographs is getting more and more popular – with support of photograph-organization software (Apple iPhoto, Aperture or Google Picasa) or social online services (like Flickr) – it helps people improve the organization of their photographs and share them with location data. However, most cameras cannot record the location itself...
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