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contenido Tearjerkers. Beware! Kleenex Required!

It's not news that I'm an impenitent cinephile who practically cannot live without films. I like almost all kinds, I watch everything I'm interested in no matter where it comes from, no matter the language (thank you God for subtitles). Bottom line, I LOVE movies. Blame my father for this marvelous insanity! On this occasion I will list the tearjerkers I've cried a lot with. Now, when I say 'cry' I don't mean it figuratively: I TRULY did cry, and not just a couple of tears. I mean rivers and oceans. I mean totally soaking up the handkerchief, sobbing and having my nose obstructed and redder than Rudolph's nose. It was having to bear with an extra bag to put all the Kleenexes used after an average of two hours of constant crying. Yeah. Call me crazy. Join the club! An extra info: Some spoilers are running free, so consider yourself forewarned (that is... IF there's actually anyone reading this apart from me!). My list is over 20 movies, so, being a sucker for installments, I start with the first ten. So, with ...
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