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Techaloo Creativity Competition

Pictures speak more than the words!!!! A pic can show more feelings than a book!!! After successful completion of our one year with our lovely audience and entrepreneurs, we invite your creative entries to show the world. About Techaloo is a non-for-profit organization, working in the field of entrepreneurship. Since June 2011 we are fostering entrepreneurship in Asian colleges. We provide you tools, motivation and a platform. We are also providing free introductory course in “Intellectual Property Rights”. It will help young entrepreneurs with the tools and information to “fail faster to succeed sooner” required in their entrepreneurial venture. About Competition This competition aims to foster entrepreneurship and also to provide a platform for talented youth. You have to submit your cartoon or pic or poster or drawing or sketch or troll. Prizes Grand Prize (1) – 2000 INR + e-certificate Reward Prize(5)-  Fiction or Non-Fiction Book + e-certificate Theme You can submit your entry based on any o...
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