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The disaster economic and social spanish is blaming of the pp and de the psoe; the ccaa is their you kill.

I believe that it should not be left it stops later denouncing openly that the national parties the PP and the PSOE, be wanted to take out the blames of above, because it is clear that the Spanish political centralism after destroying well for decades the Spanish economy and the to be of its society, now wants to fix it with the help of punishing her more, to take advantage of all the efforts of the Spanish society to pay its outrages, and to rebound all the blames of the eternal mismanagement from the Spanish political court to the periphery, and the worst thing is not alone that, is that they will also toss us the blame that we are like we are, and that I cannot admit it until here we could arrive. I believe that to the conclusions to those that it is necessary to arrive urgently, are those of beginning to analyze that it would mean for Spain, the turn to after the current constitution, returning the state configuration to the form of unique state and centralized as in 1975, because if not, we will never kn...
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