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The european union fights to death with the united europe

The situation in the European continent is of the most picturesque thing that to imagine can, it is a situation that perfectly could denominate of Kafkiana where the same interests, fight against the same interests, where the same governments face the same governments, the north faces with the south, the east with the west, the central banks against the commercial banks, the right with the left, and everything continues equally, it is as the game of throwing of the rope, that that they catch two groups one to each one of the ends of the rope and in the center a handkerchief is hung, both groups throw toward its side but it is such the balance that the handkerchief remains immobile in the same place, he doesn't go neither toward a side neither toward the other one. This is the situation in which is the economy and the government's action of the Europa of the euro. On Friday, 26 of the countries of the UE signed a plan that will impose political of austerity contractive in the whole continent. At the same time,...
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