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The Future of Educational Travel: The Award-Winning StoryApp iTinerary

Newark, Delaware – The first interactive StoryApp iTinerary in the coming series by Time Traveler Tours is a fully bilingual voyage to Paris, France, during the French Revolution, told through they eyes of 24-year-old murderess Charlotte Corday in the moments before she is to have her head lopped off at the guillotine. Entitled Beware Madame la Guillotine, A Revolutionary Tour of Paris or Gare la guillotine, Une visite revolutionaire de Paris, depending on whether your device default language is English or French, it is now available worldwide on the App Store for USD5.99/4.99Euro, category: Travel [see link below]. As Charlotte spins her yarn, explaining why and how she stabbed radical propagandist Jean-Paul Marat while he soaked in the bath, she takes you on a personal journey into the sights and sounds of Paris at the time of the Revolution. Orientation games, scavenger hunts and brainteasers, as well as practical information such as maps, directions and sidebars – even a restaurant recommendation – make l...
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