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The Importance of Dog Training for a Happy, Balanced Pet-owner Relationship

By: WoodCreek Pet Products First Principles Teach respect, a dog has to be taught to respect its owner. You have to be his leader and not let him be yours. As you communicate with your dog he learns to understand you, he will forever be willing to please. Once the dog knows you are his leader, he will be a happy follower by teaching your dog the basic training commands and discipline. It is next to impossible to have a normal, well-behaved, even-tempered dog without discipline and some training. Once a dog is trained he is a better pet and greater companion, and he himself will be happier for knowing that his owner is pleased with him. There are many books devoted to discipline and training and free online resources for dog training than ever imaginable! There are also many great obedience-training classes for low cost to no cost, one for example is PetSmart and I highly recommend this form of training, it helps your dog or puppy learn to socialize as well as get his basic obedience training from a profession...
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